The Best Toys and Activities to Pack When Traveling with Kids 

Hello Friends! So excited you are here to learn about some AWESOME travel toys and activities for kids! We all know it can be a challenge when taking a long (or even a short) ride with kiddos. That’s why myself and some amazing blogger friends have paired together some GREAT ideas for you! I hope you enjoy my ideas shared below, and then find your way to even more ideas on some new OT blog sites! Perhaps ones you can return to time and time again for great resources and info when loving and caring for your kids as they grow! Let’s get started!!


“Mom! Are we there yet?”   “Can I get out!?!”     “I want OUT!”

These are just a few phrases parents may hear ringing from the back seat. Whether you are traveling for a few miles across town or across several states, there is one constant: traveling with kids is not easy. I have compiled 5 ideas here to share with you that may make the journey of traveling with children a bit easier and more enjoyable – for EVERYONE!

  1. Busy Books/Quiet Books

    There are TONS of DIY busy ideas out there! Especially if you can sew! Check out my pinterest page for some ideas I have saved! If you aren’t a sew-er, have no fear! There are lots of great options out there. You can find some on Esty or even in the dollar bins. These little felt busy books were in the Target dollar bins. They include a cut classic story with fun felt interactive pieces. Busy books help to promote lots of great skills such as matching, shape identification, fine motor skills, and bilateral coordination. I have a home-made busy book that includes fasteners as well! Whatever will keep your kid busy, is the ticket!

  2. Water WOW by Melissa & Doug

    These books can ensure countless hours of fun! They work with just water and are great for kids who love to color and paint. The brush is short and fat which is great for promoting pencil grasp too! These little books require a bit of time to dry after painting in them, but are reusable and a MUST have! There are seek and find, tracing, letters, numbers and many other great activities incorporated in these books! Your kids are sure to love them!

  3. Dry Erase Activity Cards by Usborne Books

    I got these fun cards from an Usborne Book party. If you aren’t familiar you can check out their website. They have so many great activities thatimg_7676 I was excited to have for my little one as well as to use in therapy. These cards were something I purchased for the car. We do lots of traveling (as we are about 2.5-3 hours from family). These cards are NOT something I hand over to my toddler without my supervision as she would likely color the back seat! However, I anticipate them being something she will enjoy as she gets a bit older and is riding along to go see family! These cards are double sided and reusable. There are lots of different things to do on the cards including great visual perceptual, visual scanning and visual motor tasks!

  4. Reusable Sticker/Books

There are a couple options here for reusable stickers! Of course you can use regular stickers to occupy time in the car. These are just some options my little girl has really enjoyed and they have kept her attention for quiet some time during the rides (or other places we have to wait like at restaurants or appointments). These sticker books incorporate great imagination and fine motor play! I especially love the Usborne All Better and Little Bear Glasses Books. These stickers are really thick and can be washed and reused. Ellie could peel these stickers before she could any others! If your child is just learning to do stickers, you can peel the surrounding sticker sheet off and leave just the stickers on the paper. I did this for Ellie on her ocean scene pictures to make it easier for her to peel! Just another fun tip so you aren’t being called to help in the back seat! 🙂

5. Magnetic Toys/Items

img_7505.jpgThe last option does require a little DIY project, but it is totally worth it! AND it’s super simple! Just get a dollar store cookie sheet, drill two holes one on each end with cookie sheet facing horizontal like a tray, run a ribbon through the cookie sheet (be sure to leave enough ribbon to have long tails on ends so you can tie it to the car seat to either side. I attached mine to the car seat so Ellie is able to pull the ribbon loop and take the tray off easily. I recommend placing a soft fabric on the bottom (with fabric glue or adhesive fabric paper). I added dry erase contact paper to the surface as well. Once you have this tray you can use lots of great magnetic toys. Ellie has a dry erase surface here with magnet shapes and numbers. You could also get some magnetic Tegu Blocks (see picture below) to add to the board for building fun. You can make your own magnet shapes, felt story pieces or puzzles by adding magnet strip to the back. There really are endless possibilities here!

Now onto some more great resources you DO NOT want to pass up!

Check out these fantastic DIY travel game ideas that Cindy from Your Kids OT shared by clicking —–> DIY Travel Games with Washi Tape and Zip Lock Bags!: Your Kids OT

Check out the brilliant options Kim from Preferred Therapy Toys shared as well by clicking —–> Travel Toy and Activity Ideas : Preferred Therapy Toys

I know learned some great new traveling activities and toys when pairing up with these fabulous OT bloggers! I hope you do too! Thanks for hopping by 🙂

Ready to Grow – Casey

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